Developer’s Corner is a blog dedicated to many of the current web technologies available today.    The site is focused on beginners as well as advanced developers in an effort to help the development community.  We cover topics and technologies like HTML, CSS, Java/J2EE, Javascript, Databases, popular frameworks like Spring (MVC, LDAP, Security, Boot), Angular, Message Oriented Middleware MOMs, Sql Databases, NoSQL DBs like Mongodb, and Hibernate as well as others.

About Me

My name is Amaury Valdes.  I am a father, coach, motorcycle enthusiast and heavily involved in health and fitness. But my lifetime passion has been in the area of software archtitecture, design and development. I have been working on web technologies for over 25 years and absolutely love development.  This is my platform to share with you some insights I have gained throughout the years.  I hope you enjoy it and keep coming back.

An experienced Architect and full-stack Senior Software Engineer with extensive experience in Java and Web Technologies, software design and implementation.   Expertise in design and development of advanced technical business solutions for leading financial institutions in Wall Street, telecommunications, technology and Retail institutions. Ability to quickly analyze and learn complex systems and requirements to come up with both short and long-term solutions that produce maximum improvement while minimizing risk to existing systems and processes.

Currently working on architecting solutions around encryption and data standards for Retail institutions using the latest technologies including JSON Web Tokens, SOAP, SAML2, OAUTH, Spring Framework, Spring REST, Spring LDAP, Spring Security and Spring Web.